The primary law on these matters is in the Immigration and Refugee convention, whose goals include economic growth, family reunification, and compliance with humanitarian treaties.

A refugee has the right to safe asylum. However, international protection comprises more than physical safety. Refugees should receive at least the same rights and basic help as any other foreigner who is a legal resident, including freedom of thought, of movement, and freedom from torture and degrading treatment.

Australia has international obligations to protect the human rights of all asylum seekers and refugees who arrive in Australia, regardless of how or where they arrive and whether they arrive with or without a visa.

A migration agent is someone who can assist you to lodge a visa application and communicate with Australia's Department of Immigration and border security on your behalf – usually for a fee. You can lodge your application in person by getting an appointment or send by post, or use a migration agent or third person.

Registered migration agents provide immigration advice and assistance to potential immigrants. A qualified migration agent must hold a current legal practising certificate issued by an Australian body that is authorised by law to issue it. Migration agents can: Help you prepare your visa application.

In Migration Law the little things matter. For example, if you are on a bridging visa awaiting the outcome of a permanent residence visa application, you are required to advise the Department of Immigration and border security in Australia. Our experts can help you and take you through How can I get permanent residence in Australia?

When you apply, you must be either:

A permanent resident. You and everyone included in the application must be a permanent resident.

An eligible New Zealand citizen. Details. ...

You must also meet these criteria:

Character requirement. Details. ...

Language requirement. ...

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